About Us

what's good?

Higher Ground is a dispensary in the heart of Campus Living, on 12th and High. Our commitment is the highest quality cannabis in Oregon, for the lowest prices in Oregon. We carry the best brands in Oregon- and our Budtenders are studious individuals who are continuously researching cannabinoids, terpenes and their effects to better serve your needs.

we grow the goods

bluestar farms

Blue Star Farms is a family owned and operated farm devoted to strong organic practices and sustainable Agriculture. Our systems run organic compounds through our specialized soils in order to promote healthy root structures , and therefore produce healthy plants. Our staff is committed to the strongest promise of plant sanctity in the industry, and we are proud to shelf our product in the Willamette Valley! Our Two Greenhouses operate 9 months out of the year, but we can keep our babies Alive in the newest addition!

grohi farm

Grohi Farms is a Farm to Market Indoor Grow that provides Oregonians with the Highest Quality indoor Flower. We hand-trim every single bud to insure the Utmost Quality with our staff that combines over 60 years of experience. We cultivate strains such as : Zelly’s Gift, Lemonades, Sour Diesel, GSC ( Fortune Cookies), and GG4. We grow with HPS and LEC lighting to insure a larger spectrum of light than many other grows. We have an excessive amount of Air Movement with our 10 – 3ft Air Cannons Simulating the movement of Natural Air. Our Hearts go into everything we grow–Our Master growers hand manicure throughout the entire process, and our 40.000 square foot warehouse is attended to with love being shown to every single Bud. Grohi Is the dream of several individuals, Now realized and ready for your taste buds!!!